Spec's for Sinar Norma

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I'm considering building a small view camera outfit (camera, maybe one or two lenses).

I've seen a few recommendations for the Sinar Norma as an older (ie less expensive) introduction to LF. However, I can't find any spec's as to available movements, rise/fall distance etc.

The other option I'm considering is the Bender kit (building would be as much fun as using).

-- Dave Mueller (dmueller@bellatlantic.net), April 30, 2001



I'd add another recommendation for the Sinar Norma, not only as an introduction to LF, but also as a system you can grow indefinitely with. The Norma is an appealing choice because it is compatible with almost all of the currently available Sinar components and accessories (not necessarily cheap though). This camera is one of the most beautifully machined instruments both past and present, and is a real joy to use. With regards to specs, front and rear standards have 8 cm of horizontal and vertical displacement. The camera has base tilts and fine geared focussing on both standards. The Sinar is a precision machine and very solid. The Bender sounds like a different kind of instrument. There is something satisfying about building your own instruments and the Bender might be an economical and educational introduction. Best of luck. Daniel

-- Daniel Lin (kdlin@earthlink.net), April 30, 2001.

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