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Hey why so slow, have you all moved on. Is it me? I'll cange. Common thread that what we need a general type post that all can engage one anouther again. My Aeon mind might go soft without some clever Aeon-banter. Come on you know who you are you were in the gifted class a school. The other kids din't understand the movies you liked, you need to get some Aeon posts up, or the suedo-brillance you were given will fall into disrepair. Post and we'll all bask in the gentle goodness, and genius you clearly retain.

Clearly the masses need a little guidence, Let me as you this Trevors waist a 34, maybe a 32 what do you think?

-- markus d. (, April 30, 2001


Well let me ask you this: when was the last time you searched Google for Jeanine Salla?

-- John McDevitt (, April 30, 2001.

You, ask who? Ya know cause you can't remeber. I haven't a clue who that is. If your saying Aeon is esoteric, the only meaning I can pull from it, thats not my point. I want the select few who still know what this is, to come and speak at length.

-- Markus D. (, April 30, 2001.

I agree, it has been slow but everyone gets busy with other things at one time or another, I just thought it all happenede to coincide?

-- William (, May 01, 2001.

Errr...tonight? Hmmm, the only Justine I know is Marquis de Sade's girlfriend...take it this athlete was a tad prior news?

-- Barb e. (, May 01, 2001.

Okay - Trevor's waist... I'm actually thinking something smaller like 29ish. Now before we all go saying "pixi, you're a nut job! what kind of skinny-boy world do you live in?" let me just say that Trev's shoulders are WAY bigger than his waist, and although he is well- muscled, it's a lean, wiry kind of muscle, not an AHNOLD hans-and- franz type of pumped, roid-rage kind of muscle. This puts his shoulders at the typical male 40-42 meaning his waist is most likely a little smaller than average.

Counter query - What do you think Aeon uses to style her hair?

a) gel b) hairspray c) Mousse d) curling iron and a prayer e) none of the above


-- Pixi (, May 01, 2001.

I think that you mean chest not shoulders, right? If the typical males shoulders where smaller than my chest we would live in an ectomorphic paradise. I got out the old tape measure, just to make sure. Yeah maybe Trevor is pretty extreme, I'm a perfect 34 as the girl who sells me pants says. Aeons hair? that a noodle scracher, Mousse probably. I use it an my hair stays firm and crispy all day.

Curling iron and a prayer, thats pretty funny.

-- Marky de sade' (, May 01, 2001.

While you brought up roid muscle, have you ever seen Markus Rulh? I'll just bet not, this guy is like six feet+ a few inches and weighs a heafty 283 pounds while at competition wieght. Thats no water and no fat, this guy is so big he put a hairline fracture in his knee walling on-stage at the Arnold Classic(bodybuilding competion).

-- Mark (, May 01, 2001.

None of the above, ĈON doesn't need to fix her hair. The woman wakes up in the morning and is beautiful. She has no need for maintenance except for the occasional shaving of the arm pits. heh :O)

-- Lady Morgan (, May 01, 2001.

no the real question is she as inny or outy? :-)

-- William (, May 02, 2001.

as should be an an

-- William (, May 02, 2001.

Yes I did mean chest, not shoulders (darn this female mind of mine) and as to belly button, I'd have to say innie. Definitely. Innie's are WAY cooler :P

-- Pixi (, May 02, 2001.

Wait Trevors bellybutton, or Aeons?

I think you right about none of the above, the clone had her hair, and had to comb the giant curls out, rather than comb them in.

-- Mark (, May 02, 2001.

Well on closer inpection you did specify she, so yes Aeon has an innie.

-- Mark (, May 02, 2001.

Yes, that is my guess also. :-)

-- William (, May 03, 2001.

Trevor's shoulder's carry the world, and as for his waste: Many disillusioned and discarded Aeon-wannabe's.

-- Barb e. (, May 03, 2001.

That razor wit of yours is on as always Barb E. This time in the form of insite and pun. :)

-- Marky de Sade' (, May 03, 2001.

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