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I go this information from:

[From: readracing@a... Date: Mon Apr 30, 2001 9:24 am Subject: Re: [MV-Agusta] Digest Number 247 Reply to Marshal Paisner re. Message 6.

Hi Marshall, The MV factory stopped production of all machines around two months ago - I was there - at this time there is no 'done deal' with another manufacturer. This jewel in the crown will be sparkling again soon, but production could be delayed this year by up to six months. The above is the reason why CRC have agreed to release all their special parts to me that were reserved for future limited edition models, such as the SPR and Senna. So now I can supply carbon, and I mean real pre preg carbon, fairings, tanks, seats and air boxes, etc. and all the magnesium parts in Special Offer packages from CRC through me. One can now transform a F4 Strada into a higher spec that the Limited Edition "Oro" for only 7.700 pounds = $11.165. (They cost $36.250 in UK and sell for around $44.000) Ask me another, Best wishes, Phil Read ]

Does anyone have any infomation on the factory shut down? Does this mean anyone waiting for an SPR or Senna will have to keep waiting at least for another six months?

-- Allan Gibbs (, April 30, 2001


Yeah phil...but will you actually ship the parts?

-- jim Stanton (, May 01, 2001.

Dear Allan, MV Agusta Motor is a small output factory. Cagiva and HVA are built in the same lines, so they have to cross the productions and let the Navigators and HVAs to be built. Perhaps thats why they stop to make MVs but the factory don't stop to produce all the bikes.

-- Laurent GABERELL (, May 02, 2001.

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