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My shutter release button appears to be stuck. I can take one or several shots and at any given time it will just stop working. It acts as if it is on the " L " position. I thought perhaps the film was loaded wrong so I took it out and same thing occurred. It works for a while and then stops. I did change the battery too. Help!!!

-- David B. Taylor (, April 30, 2001


Im sort of answering my own question. I played around with the film advance lever. First, I advanced the film then the shutter would not release. I would them move the lever a little, I could here a little clicking noise, and the shutter release button would work. I would still like a responce if anyone knows more about this. Thanks

-- David B. Taylor (, May 04, 2001.


I'm probably stating the obvious (dunno if it'll help), but the film- advance lever performs a couple of duties: it re-cocks the shutter, advances film, and may also reset the aperture stop-down mechanism. Sounds like you've got some slack in the shutter re-cocking part. Could just be out of adjustment, or something broke, or ? Open the film back (sans film, of course) and observe the re-cock action on the shutter--the shutter pair should slide across the film plane (closed) when the lever is advanced. Does it move at all when you give it the extra twitch on the lever?

Are you having any problems with overlapping exposures?

Sorry, I can't comment on severity of this problem. I used Karl Aimo for CLA of my AE-1 and AE-1P, and so far it appears he did a great job for a most-excellent price. I will have test rolls back on Tuesday. Anyway, he comes highly recommended on the neighbor-to-neighbor list. I think he also does repairs on the A- series. His e-mail: He may be out of town soon, so don't give up if you don't get a quick reply. There are other recommended repair places, drop me an e-mail if you want the contact info.

-- Joshua Martin (, May 04, 2001.

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