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I want to find a transcript of the trial of Liu Fook/Fuk for the murder of Rosetta Baker in SF in 1931. See SF Chronicle articles on it at 2nd page, 2nd article.

Dave Hug in CA

-- david hug (, April 30, 2001


A few thoughts about finding a trial transcript. 1) Was the case appealed so that a trial transcript was prepared at all? 2) If appealed, one step would be to check with the appellate court involved to see if that sort of record is still available. If a federal case it might be handled differently and there might be a better chance the transcript still exists, for e.g., at the National Records and Archive Admin. 3) Was any prominent lawyer from a big law firm involved such that the firm or its successor might still be around and have a copy of the transcript? 4) Was it a big enough case and of enough sex appeal such that one of the local newspapers might have obtained a copy of the transcript, but trouble is alot of the newspaper scene has changed except for the Chron. 5) Possibly the S.F. D.A. office if a state prosecution or the U.S. Attorneys office if federal case might have info. 6) No. Dist. Fed Ct has a historical society. It might be of help if a federal case.

Can't think of anything else at the moment. If you find something or a source let me know. Sometimes records do get microfilmed, but often not an entire case file.

Best of luck. Bill Trinkle----

-- Bill Trinkle (, May 02, 2001.

Just reviewed your page referenced in your posting. The D.A.'s office looks like the most logical place where you might find the transcript of testimony. The other approaches would be real longshots

-- Bill Trinkle (, May 02, 2001.

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