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I have read in at least 2 Leica R texts that the Grid Screen is "up to two stops brighter than the universal [microprism+split] screen". I don't have the opportunity to try one out without buying it mail-order, so does anyone have 1st-hand experience with it? Is the grid screen brighter than the All-Matte screen, which I thought was identical to the grid screen, and which is the same as the outer part of the universal screen? Thanks!

-- Jay (, April 30, 2001



I don't know if it is true (I am sceptical..), but would love to find out too.

-- Robin Smith (, April 30, 2001.


I have a grid screen in my R8 and it is indeed bright. However the only thing I have to compare it to is the universal screen in my R4s. It is certainly a stop or more brighter, but that may have something to more to do with the difference in age.

Regards Steve

-- Steve Belden (, May 01, 2001.

I'm getting older now , but I have to tell you that I understand and apprciate the split image focusing screen.

I have, however, tried the grid screen and what I find is that in bright light it is a beauty and, indeed, brighter than the matte screen. BUT, and I thin this is important, the "Universal" screen is still my pick because when the light is flatter or lower ( and I wear glasses) the grid screen can be hard to see.

I remain a fan of the Universal screen.

-- Robert Burgess (, May 28, 2001.

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