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Im about to up grade my filter system to the lee kit .TO be used on my Nikon sw75mm f4.5 lens , on the linhof master 4x5 field camera.Im concerened about interferance between the drop bed and the 150mm length grad filters . I notice lee only supply 150mm lengths .Has anybody had experience using this filter system and a drop bed type field camera. Grateful for a reply David "Australia"

-- David Lavery (, April 30, 2001


I tried to use my Lee hood and filters with my Linhof Technika. It can be done but it is awkward. First, with any lens the front of which doesn't extend beyond the front of the bed, you can't use a polarizing filter because you can't turn the hood and polarizer while they are mounted on the lens and the lens is on the camera (the corners of the hood bump into the bed when you try to rotate the hood). Other filters can be used but you often have to mount the hood and filter on the lens before placing the lens on the camera for the same reason (i.e. you can't screw the hood/filter onto the lens while it is on the camera because the corners of the hood bump into the bed when you try to rotate it). As I remember, this wasn't a problem with a very small lens such as my 150 mm G Claron but it was a problem with larger lenses such as my 210 APO Symmar and my 90 mm Super Angulon. I originally purchased the Lee hood and filters when I had a Tachihara and the Lee system worked like a charm with that camera. However, it didn't work very well with the Technika because of the problem with which you're concerned. I'm not familiar with the 150 mm filter that you're talking about. I thought the Lee filters were 4" x 4". However, I would think the problem would be even greater with a larger filter.

-- Brian Ellis (, April 30, 2001.

I've been using Lee Graduated ND filters with my Toyo 45AX with no problems. The filters are long, but they clear the drop bed easily. My problem with the Nikon 75mm (which I use) was vignetting from the filter holder, until I purchased a 67 mm Lee wide angle holder for the filter system. This holder is recessed especially for use with wide angle lenses. The standard holder did not work without vignetting. Hope this helps.

-- Dave Aharonian (, May 01, 2001.

Wassamarra, doesn't the camera have a tripod bush on its side as well?

-- Pete Andrews (, May 01, 2001.

Thanks, Pete :-) It's funny.

I used Scotch tape to hold ND graduate filters.

-- Geoffrey Chen (DB45TEK@AOL.COM), May 01, 2001.

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