Edgar Allan Poe's love life

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What was edgar allan poe's love life like?

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2001


If he hadn't married Virgina it wouldn't have been anything at all. His first proposal was soundly rejected. After he married Virginia and became a famous critic he became a friend of several dubious ladies either interested in furthering their own careers or revenging themselves on their wayward husbands. Fanny Osgood was the most sincere of the latter, a genuine friend of the family and Virgina's self-chosen successor, if their should be any, while she lay dying. After Virginia's death by tuberculosis at 22, Poe desperately sought relief in new companionship, rich widows especially. His first love seemed to agree to marry him(so she later claimed)while another poetess was frightened off by his strange intensity(and the fact that she believed he still loved Virginia). Then he died. This last erratic courtship of several women at once while attributing Annabel Lee to more than one of them is not looked upon favorably by biographers who dislike Poe. I have seen only a hint that Poe felt once he might have gone so far as to attract a vengeful husband- but only a hint. Usually they had reading sessions in the parlors holding hands and emoting while the husbands were nearby. Though not a Puritan he was decidedly not French and held an exalted and chivalrous view of women. He only showed genuine and open passion with Virginia, kissing her enthusiastically in public(a shocker back then),but they never had children.

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2001

Poe engaged in a lot of hot sex with Virginia. The end.

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2001

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