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obviously, a lot of the 'policy' that i've written so far is designed for a much more comprehensive team. much of it can be excluded for a little poker team like you (dean) proposed.

nonetheless... it is important to define many aspects of team play (even in such a small enterprise) as much as possible to avoid future misunderstandings. when money is involved, it is critical that everyone is clear on what the plan is.

i am going to continue posting 'big-team' policy just so that i have it available online. any 'mini-team' policy that i post will be identified as such so that there is no confusion.

right off the bat, i think we can do away with any kind of expense handling for a mini-team and just assume each player is responsible for his own expenses out of pocket.

also, no real need for such a complex investor program as is already outlined on this site. some simplification here might be desired (though there are advantages to the more complex system... i will discuss my thoughts in a future posting).

any thoughts?

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2001


I have just started to read through what you have written. I like the idea of simplifying as much as reasonably possible. So, rather than develop a mini-team page IN ADDITION to the complex ones... I would suggest developing a mini-team page to use INSTEAD OF the complex ones. I'll still read through what you have and let you know if I have questions... wow you wrote a lot.

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2001

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