Expense Handling

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  1. Each hour that a player plays for the team (calculate fractions) earns 0.2 units in expense credits according to the unit size played at for that session (0.1 units for poker play). Example: a player plays a $10 unit for 1.33 hours...l he gets $2.66 in expense credits. This figure shall be kept track of as a running balance.

  2. A player can draw 10 cents from his expense credits for each mile driven to & from a team related activity.

  3. A player can draw an amount from his expense credits equal to half of any team related expense incurred; player is responsible for the other half of the expense. Examples...
    • Taxi ($10 fare, player can claim $5 from his credits)
    • Hotel ($40 bill, player can claim $20 from his credits)
    • Airplane ($250 fare, player can claim $20 from his credits)
    • Ferry Boat ($12, player claims $6)
    • Car rental (...)
    • bus from Reno to Tahoe (...)
    • airport parking (...)

  4. Examples of things that CANNOT be claimed...
    • hookers
    • meals
    • pay per view TV
    • Vegas shows
    • tips to cocktail waitresses

  5. When a player makes a claim for an expense, then he is paid straight out of the BR and his expense credit tally is reduced by a like amount.
    • no negative balance will be carried... if you accrue more expenses on a trip than your credits can cover, report them (for sake of interest), but you are SOL.
    • if at the conclusion of the team effort, a player still has some expense credits remainingk, these are forgotten and just remain part of the BR to be distributed as outlined above. The same holds for a player who is ejected from the team: any unclaimed expense credits are simply forgotten.

  6. Tips to dealers are handled different from other team expenses. Players will record how much they tipped (except in poker... that would be tedious) for sake of interest, but it comes straight out of the BR as sort of a built in expense.

  7. Special treatment for tax liabilities...
    • In general, how a player or investor deals with this team effor on his taxes is his own business. Be sure to handle it in such a way that it will not affect how others decide to treat it themselves.
    • If a player has a CTR or similar result) filed on him for some big win, then he may claim as an expense 10% of that win against his expense credits in order to cover his tax liability. This is the only instance in which a negative balance may be carried against your expensed credits. Obviously, this whole situation is to be avoided if possible.

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2001

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