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Does anyone on this forum know if either the 4x5 Standard and Long models of the CC-400 (or the Kodak Master Views) can be fitted with bag bellows? And if so, which brand of bellows or vendor is suggested and known to work? I understand that the Wide model is not commonly found in the marketplace. Thanks in advance for your in

-- Hailu Shack (, April 30, 2001


You can find the wide models on Ebay quite often...there's one on now...item # 1234223586. This one has a lens included which might make the price to high. I've seen a few at KEH in Alanta on their

-- Don Sparks (, April 30, 2001.

I've seen the wide model relatively frequently on the used market; they can usually be purchased for less than the cost of a bag bellows for a modern camera.

-- James Meckley (, April 30, 2001.


The Calumet 400 series does have a change-able bellows system. You could send a camera in to Calumet to replace the bellows since they have all replacement parts available, but you couldn't simply swap the standard with the bag.

Don and James are right, for the cost of a modern camera's bag - you could purchase the wide version. The advantage would be that lens boards and backs are interchangeable, and you have a lighter version to port.

Tony P.

-- Tony Pulsone (, April 30, 2001.

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