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trucking rules


-- dsfghjkl; (test@test.bye), April 29, 2001



-- test (same@same.byt), April 29, 2001.


-- test (same@same.byt), April 29, 2001.


Cherri, I'll get to you in the morning. Wouldn't want you to mistake a temper for misogyny, 'cause Lord knows, no woman *ever* does anything that could *possibly* make a man angry.

What does that have to do with anything? The subject and Maria's alleged breach of security is nothing to do with gender. You are free to claim she is guilty of anything, which does not mean it is true, but why do you use gender slurs in the process? Or is it such a normal part of your daily life that you are not aware that it may be offensive to some?

Any man who ever becomes intemperate or angry with any woman for any reason whatsoever is a misogynist, right?

Once again, what does it have to do with gender? My point being, if she were male, these statements would be irrelevant. They should be irrelevant.

What a convenient excuse. I am not making excuses, I am giving an explanation.

Ok, my problems with what happened on this thread.

Gulfwar Vet, again I apologize, I am guilty of grouping you with Georgia Bidnessman, making you guilty by association with his (unconscious?) attitude towards females.

As for the military branches, there is a rivalry that exists. We may go back and forth about which is better, but we stand together against outsiders who would bash any of them. But it is true that the Air Force is the most technical and contains the most intelligent troops.

Next, as for the disagreement between Maria and Tar, personally I believe there is more to what an enemy would nuke then civilian and or military targets. Especially in this day and age where it would be more expedient to use psychological warfare financial efforts to take control of the country then destroying things. I don't think the argument between them is relevant in today's world.

Now for Maria offering secrets, Bull Shit. She did not. Repeating that she did in different ways will not change that fact. And for Georga to keep demanding she offer proof of her job and theories, he is guilty of asking her to reveal information that may be secure. That makes him more guilty of complicity then she is. During the Y2K debate there was a person who I believed was close to crossing the line and I jumped in and put a stop to it as soon as I read it. I explained in no uncertain terms that this person would be reported and held responsible for breach of security if it went any further. And I would have had no problem with doing so.

As for my view that he has a problem with her gender on top of the subject being discussed, he is probably not even aware of how he comes off to someone like me who is "sensitive", especially in a military situation where the fact of gender appears to color opinion. I offer his own words as an explanation for my discomfort with what I view as his attitude and let them speak for themselves.

The authoritarian and gender related statements below.

Gender related remarks:

Im going to give you some valuable advice, lady.

All right, little lady. I'll play your game.

I know you had superiors, honeybunch.

Whether it's some drunk 21-year-old enlisted kid who wants to impress a girl in a bar or some woman who wants to get an advantage in an Internet argument

Well, sweetcakes, that's a VIOLATION.

then you are flirting with a felony, little lady.

and the target's vulnerabilities (as you said), honeybunch,

I am certain that there are plenty of discussions of this topic all over the Internet, little lady

opportunity to prove me wrong, Missy.

I've answered quite a few of your questions, honey.

mark you as either a poseur, a liar or a dilettante.

Contrary to your drama-queen claim, Maria

BTW, Maria, I'm a man, and I don't get called "little lady."

Authoritarian related remarks - attitude of superiority:

People higher than you such as myself -

The word you are looking for, General, is "hypocenter."

Maria, I have heard just about enough out of you on this topic.

You worked for someone like me, assuming you aren't making all this up.

Give it up, Maria. That's an order.

-- Cherri (jessam5@home.com), May 08, 2001.

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