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What do you think of marriage? Do you want to be married? Do you have anyone in mind? What would your ideal mate be like? Just talk to me. :)

-- Anonymous, April 29, 2001


y'know this would be a neat thing to post in the drealm discussion forums. hint hint.

anyway, i dont think that much of marriage in itself. i think finding a life partner and having kiddies and being a stable family unit aint a bad idea, but i dont see the point of sticking "marriage" on top of that. either you trust someone not to run away or you dont, and if you dont a piece of paper and a slice of cake aint gonna stop them.

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2001

I think marriage is the title given to the moment where you wake up to someone in the morning, turn to them and finally announce, "I can stand you. I can tolerate you." Heh. =)

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2001

Nope, it ain't saying 'I can tolerate you'. I woke up next to several people I could tolerate (not all at the same time, you understand). I wouldn't have committed the rest of my life to someone I didn't think more highly of than that. You wake up in the morning, look at your spouse and you feel content. And even when you're in the middle of a war, tearing each other to bits, somewhere at the bottom of all of that, you can still find that feeling. Now, of course you can say that you don't need to be formally married to have that underlying confidence in your life together. There are many reasons people choose marriage. For me, it was a recognition of finding my ideal (well, no-one's perfect and that's something you really need to remember, so let's say as near ideal as you gonna get) partner and it told me in particular that I'd committed myself. So when times are not so good (which is pretty rare), that commitment is still there and I can think about that and remind myself of why I gave it. We have very little in common, actually. Share very few interests even. That actually seems to work very well and it's interesting in itself. Anyway, enough. I don't think marriage is a necessity for every couple but somepeople will come to a point in their lives where they want say something to themselves as much as a partner. Not to mention making your grandmother happy.

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2001

I'm a romantic, affection-starved, marriage-loving, commitment-phobe! *lol* Geez.

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2001

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