179th Session of The New York Annual Conference

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This week the New York Annual Conference of the First District has been holding it's 179th Session. The Presiding Prelate Bishop Ming has been unable to attend, so Retired Bishop Henry Allen Hildebrand, who is still Pastoring in Florida, has been acting on his behalf. We have been BLESSED! Bishop's Norris & McKenzie have been Presiding as well. They did an excellent job. Presiding Elder Rev. William Lee Freeman retired after 70 years of active ministry and work for the AME Church. Rev. Leroyt R. Judge retired after 53 years of active ministry as well as 50 of those years as the Pastor of St. John AME Church in Harlem, NY. We were blessed with sermons from Rev. Henry Allen Belin III of People's Institutional BKLYN, NY who preached a powerful opening day service, General Officer Rev. George Flowers preached a Noon-Day Hour of Power service, and Rev. Nicholas Genevieve-Tweed of Macedonia Church, Flushing, NY preached for the Lay Night. On today April 28th Bishop Mckenzie preached for the ordination service, "The Motive for your Ministry!" MY GOD, She can preach! Bishop Hildebrand made it a point to stress that she is not just a woman Bishop, but she is a Bishop in the church and has equal status. We have been blessed by the presence of the HOLY SPIRIT and God is moving in the New York Conference. On the closing Bishop Norris will be preaching. Please keep Bishop Ming in your prayers as all of us in the First District do.

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2001


Pastor Jerome thank you for the update. And I will be praying for you and the New York Conference. Being an ex New York City girl I have fond memories of the Big Apple. When I was a United Methodist minister I was in their New York Conference. How many people do you think turned out for the conference. Will you stay in your church? Thanks for your ministry the NY conference is blessed to have you and your wife.

-- Anonymous, April 29, 2001

We had a large turnout for the opening day service as well as the closing service on yesterday. Bishop Norris preached a powerful message, "Why are you here?" that brought the conference to it's feet. He passed out all of the appointments and certificates as well. He and Bishop McKenzie conducted the sessions like they were senior bishops with perfection and order. Bishop Hildebrand never lost a step as Bishop as he brought the conference to a new level. They were FANTASTIC! A number of changes occured one of the most significant was Rev. O'Neil Mackey is now the Presiding Elder of the Brooklyn-Westchester District and Rev. Henry A. Belin III is now the Pastor of First Bethel in Harlem, NY. I will be ordained an Itinerant Deacon at the next session in 2002 which will be at Emmanuel in Harlem. We had a high time in the Lord and the Spirit was truly present. Please continue to pray for Bishop Ming, Bishop McKenzie as she leaves for her District this week, and Bishop Norris as he prepares for the Philidelphia Annual Conference.

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2001

Update above.

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2001

Thank you minister Stembridge for the report, it is always good to hear from you and congratulations on your progress to ordination. We are blessed to have you as a minister. Can you give us a few more details, do you have an estimate of how many people were in attendence? And how about the music, don't forget to mention the food:-) Also was there any talk of who would be running for Bishop? I can't wait to hear your responses. Thanks so much.

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2001

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