Who are the ministers in our denomination that are making a difference?

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Let me begin by saying every AME minister is important to God and has a role in God's plan for salvation. And I thank all of my colleagues for answering the call to follow Jesus Christ. Now with that said;-) Tell us about the ministers in your conference or district here and around the world who are making big differences in their churches and community. For example, outreach programs to youth, housing projects, church growth, are on community boards etc. Let's here about them for they can be role models to all of us and perhaps we can replicate successful programs in all of our churches.

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2001


Rev. Rogers I enjoy your questions, but I believe this one may require a bit more structure through categories. In the First Episcopal District we could almost suggest that all of the pastors in first churches on the Presiding Elder Districts are making a difference. This would be a truism, but I do not think it would be the answer to your question. We could also view the answers according to areas of impact or according to gender or chronological age. At the end of the day we would still have just touched the surface. I believe some of these factors limit our ability to give what might be viewed as blanket asnwers to questions. We are more fearful of giving a form of endorsement to a person or ministry that may be inappropriately used in the future. This fear causes us to be silent at a time we might want to speak.

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2001

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