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I was wondering if anybody has got ANY of these WINTV capture cards: - WINT TV DVB-S - WINTV NOVA - WINTV PVR - DVWIZARD PRO

Q1. What the difference between these & what are their benefits & problems?

Q2. Which of these is the best for capturing GOOD quality videos from DIGITAL SATELLITE shows directly or videos recorded from digital satellite? I have BOTH NICAM VCR & NICAM TV.

Q3. Regarding DVB-S & Nova, which Satellite channels can UK users pick up for "free" exactly?

I'm not sure which WINTV card I got at the moment- it was preinstalled when I gt my ADVENT PC around FEB2000. I can tell you that I got a remote control but I can't tune in radio. I assume mine is MONO ONLY since that's what it says when I go to the menu of WINTV & look under "ABOUT". All opinions/reviews welcome but I'm particularly interested to hear from UK users.


-- MIKE (, April 28, 2001

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