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What are ya interested in?

-- Wolf (, April 27, 2001


Sure, er Escaflowne......Hmmm, Escaflowne's cool..I lik Van's sword, it be cool....and Escaflowne(thy guymallef) is wicked...I hate Allen Shanzer(sp?)...and Merle is not really my, what do you want to know about Escaflowne?....*stratchs(sp?)head*

-- Wolf (, April 28, 2001.

Fire's up!!! Cool place! OK! Anime! Games! Ok*bobs himself on the head* Calm down, I'm interested in every bboard. I'm also interest in Anime and Cartoons. Nintendo and Playstation too. Can we talk about, er, Escaflowne here?

-- Flame (, April 27, 2001.

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