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Since I was a child of 10 I have walked and talked in my sleep. I have tryed to choke sisters, I wrecked a new set of drapes in our new house. I left the house and woke up in the swimming pool. Well I am 37 now and apart from the occasional walk, I still talk, and turn lights off and on in my sleep. I have my partner worried at the moment cos I just came back from Bali with my sister and now I am talking about men, and lots of them, names that I have never heard of, and he either thinks I am having an affair or something. Yes I would loved to have stayed in Bali, but I didnot think I would do all this to show how much I loved it without him there. I have been kicked out of the bed and he cant understand I dont know what I am saying ....or do I. HELP PLEASE.

-- Jenye Thompson (, April 26, 2001


i dont know you at all, but if you are naturally an angry person during the day(and im not making any assumptions)that may be part of the reason.or it could just be your subconcious acting up. i know ive cought myself sleepwalking and talking(swearing) before. mabey you should see someone who can help you remember the dream(s) you were having the nights that you do those things. but try to stay away from sleep medications. my expirience is that they make the problem worse.

hope ive helped, lauren

-- lauren elizabeth huff (, July 18, 2002.

I've benn having the same sort of prblem. My boyfriend says I say other Men's names in my sleep but I can't even defend myself because I don't recall any of it. He thinks I want to cheat on or leave him but he's wrong. I don't know how to make myself stop talking in my sleep. I need help!

-- Tracy Hynes (, July 19, 2002.

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