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I like your site. I found it while checking to see if Tristan domains were taken. My 12 week old son's name is Tristan -- it's great to see other Tristan's out there. I can't tell you how many people ask me to spell it, re-pronounce it, etc. Have you had a hard time all of your life having to spell it for people, or explain that it is NOT a female name and it is not the same as Kristin? Someone told me I should have just named my son Kristin if I was going to give him a girl's name. UGH, it is a masculine name! Anyhow, great photos and writings! Enjoyed my visit. Little Tristan is calling...

-- Teresa (, April 26, 2001


re-Cool Site

hi, thanks for you comments.

yes, i've indeed had this problem all of my life, to the point that people in grammar school resorted to calling me by my last name of Tom since they didn't seem to want to pronounce Tristan.

Also, I pronounce it 'Trist-ten' like it is spelled with an 'e' rather than an 'a'. That's my preference even though it often yields to people misspelling it with an 'e'.

I once tried telling someone that Tristan is not a girl's name, but she was a girl named Tristan!

-- Tristan Tom (, April 26, 2001.

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