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I have a Compaq Ipaq with 1 GB IBM Microdrive. I have all the standard players installed, (i.e. Pocket Tv (mpeg), Windows Media Player 7, ActiveSky, etc). How can I copy a VCD to my Ipaq and watch it. Thanks in advance for your help and know I'm kind of a novice so keep it simple as possible.

-- Daniel M. Levine (, April 26, 2001


Grab a hold of dat2mpg. Copy the VCD dat data to your HD (the one about 500MB in size). Use dat2mpg to convert them to mpgs. Use TMPGEnc to convert the mpgs into an iPaq friendly size (240x180, 24 fps, CBR between 250 to 400 Kbit/sec). Copy the resulting mpgs to your iPaq. I pretty sure you can get all the software at the PocketTV website.

-- Sultan Arif (, April 28, 2001.

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