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The wait is over. The great eight have been contacted. The following information was posted on the new discussion board by Andy Bell

Posted - 04/27/2001 : 07:02:33

Hi everyone,

I have just posted a note from Jackie on the front page of the website to say that we have now choosen and contacted the 8 teams for the next series of Junkyard Wars. If you haven't been contacted, I'm afraid that means you haven't been choosen (but we will keep your tapes for the next series). I believe you will be receiving a letter in the next few days.

I'd like to apologise on behalf of all the JYW team for how long it has taken to make a decision. This was because we were totally overwhelmed with the quality of the applications. Also, the JYW team has been frantically busy setting everything up afresh in a new country.

Thank you everyone who applied. Good luck if you have made it, good luck with the new round of applications if you didn't.



-- Michael Blizzard Toxic Avengers (, April 26, 2001

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