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I want maked VCD with my camcorder VHS-C, I try take a capture with ulead-video, if i not want to losse a frame, my max to capture is 352 x 240, I can see de VCD in my DVD, but the quality is not acceptable.

you have a solution for upgrade my quality, or the web site for VCD.

I have 200 MHZ,. all in wonder & 80 megs of RAM



p.s. sorry for my english

-- Marcel (, April 25, 2001


Go to

-- pacik (, April 27, 2001.

Marcel, if you explain in details on your process of making VCD, then I could help here. I have produced good quality VCDs. The most important part is the QUALITY OF YOUR VHS TAPE The next important part is CAPTURE (to AVI) The last important part is ENCODE TO MPEG

With your sustem config, I doubt that you can capture to MPEG directly.

-- ktnwin (, May 02, 2001.

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