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The film in my Canon T-70 starts to slow down then completely stop around frame 10. The LCD says its out of film. I put in fresh batteries but still have the same problem. Can someone help me with this?

Thanks Steve

-- Steve Baxter (, April 25, 2001


Hi Steve,

The most likely cause is the film itself. Some samples just have more drag than others. You'll have to rewind it and deal with it as best you can.

Try another roll or two; if you have a similar problem then I'm afraid it's the camera. T70s are quite light in construction and now about 16 years old. It could do with a cleaning but if it needs parts they will be difficult to find.



-- Duane K (, April 26, 2001.

My t-70 did this too. I put it away for 10 years. Then I bought another body on ebay. You guessed it. It did the same. Stopped advancing at about 13. Well, finally, bit the bullet and found a small camera repairman. He fixed both t-70 bodies. The problem was small rubber (detererated aging) bumper particals floating around inside the bottom case and jamming gears eventually. It wasn't rocket science to remove the bottom and pour them out but but it was for him to unlodge them from upper motor components (and armatures in this weakmotor that Cannon made) ....Both Cameras now fuction with the fun Zip of that weak motor winding. Anyone with a t-70 should remember to dump out those particals as preventive maintenence...before they get lodged. They are small black rubber specks. The motor etc. is sorta glued in and new parts are not available from dealers. There is a fix but my camera repairman works \\only on high end stuff. There are a lot of repair persons out there. Check all of them. The big Cannon guys are to find. You might have to invest in a T-70 manual and a few screwdrivers to Maintain the t-70. My two T-70's survived and are the best for dependibility. sincerely tom

-- tom duffy (, August 12, 2001.

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