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Do any of you have used intensively Manfrotto carbon tripods to know if they worth the investment ? If they are much lighter, does it mean they would have less stability ?


-- Bruce Barelly (, April 25, 2001


Bruce, I've had one for about 2 years now and have used it mostly on location shooting and it has held up well. I think it was one of the better investments I made as for as usefulness goes. And, yes they are delightfully light. :o) Doug

-- Doug Theall (, April 26, 2001.

Bruce, Having used a Manfrotto 441 carbon tripod for my 4x5 work (Ebony SW45) I find it sufficiently sturdy for LF work. Its light weight is a great bonus. Proving you don't exceed the manufactuers max. load recommendations such tripods are fine for LF photography. Regards,

-- Trevor Crone (, April 26, 2001.

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