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Good Morning!?! how are things coming along? Hope all is well. I filled a couple of thermos' with OJ just in case anyone needs a fast wake-up. Come and get it!

-- Susii (, April 25, 2001


Good morning, Susii! I brought coffee and cinnamon rolls....we might as well all eat, drink, and be merry while we wait on ezb to do their thing. Evidently their move is going ok, just took longer than they expected (of course, some of the rest of us expected it to take longer than one business day :P ) Hopefully we can go 'home' by tonight.

So what did everyone do yesterday while all your favorite boards were down?????

-- katydid (, April 25, 2001.

My DH ended up in intensive care so I didn't miss the board. Thought it was his heart but turned out to be appendicites---had it removed last nite late and is still sleeping mostly this am. Life is just full of little surprises. Was kind of odd as the pain started up high just below his ribs on both sides and then as it progressed it left there and became intense on the lower right side. Guess, it doesn't always hurt where the problem is brewing.

-- Carolyn (, April 25, 2001.

Goodness, it sounds like you had quite a night. Glad they got it out. My best thoughts to you and your DH for his speedy recovery.

-- Denise (, April 25, 2001.

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