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My local paper is FULL OF SURBURBANS, BLAZERS & EXPLORERS! Tons of em!! You can't find a cheap 4 cyl car or truck but SUV's ARE FOR SALE IN DROVES!!! The market glut is certain to BRING PRICES DOWN & DOWN. Cheapest fuel here NOW is $1.89. So GET YOUR CHEAP SUV'S HERE.. Pickups are just as bad. If it has a V8 it's FOR SALE!! Geno-ca

-- Geno-Ca (, April 25, 2001


Here's my ad. Can't seem to find any buyers.


by Original Owner

1986 3/4 - Ton 4x4 Chevy Silverado Suburban

<30K on rebuilt 350 V8 (4 bbl carburetor); 6 months on rebuilt Turbo 400 AT; HD radiator; trailering package (never used); California ARB approved Headers (legal); recently smogged; Flowmaster exhaust; dual A/C (rblt. compressor w/ R-134A); tint; tilt; PS (rblt. Pump); PB; PW; PDL; PRW; CC; LS r/diff; HD Warn frt. hubs; custom wheels; brush guard; running boards; AM/FM cassette; CB radio; fire extinguisher; 3rd seat

$ 5045 OBO

Call: Paul @ (562) 436-0636, x-142 (days) or (714) 978-0134 (evenings) e-mail:

-- PHO (, April 25, 2001.

TONS of motor homes for sale here. I had to laugh at one that was parked by the side of the road. On the front window was painted: DESPERATE! MUST SELL! NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED! We went through the same thing in the 70's. Car manufacturers built smaller cars during the 80's. Then we became complacent in the 90's and big cars were in along with expensive small cars. My neighbor just bought a new Ford Expedition, put in a $30,000 pool with landscaping. They paid for it with stock options--however, they had to purchase WalMart plastic furniture for the poolside. What's wrong with this picture?

-- CAkidd (, April 25, 2001.

Just checked the local (Winston Salem, NC) paper and there are also dozens of SUV ads. Guess the owners are looking for a greater fool that will bail them out of low gas mileage. Prices are still way too high - no fire sale yet...just a lot of hoping on the part of current owners.

In the (phoney) gas crisis of the mid 70's some desperate folks actually drove/pushed their gas guzzling tanks off cliffs to get out of their predicament!

-- SUVdrivers (, April 25, 2001.

*****however, they had to purchase WalMart plastic furniture for the poolside. What's wrong with this picture? **** Well not the plastic furniture, thats for sure!! We have a $30k pool too (but I still drive my old '89 Taurus) and I wouldn't have anything but plastic chairs. Don't mildew, can hose them off, won't break when they hit the cement, etc. Also go into the pool if a hurricane comes along. Taz

-- Taz (, April 25, 2001.

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