Has anyone heard anything fromt the Middle East??

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:( I miss reading mutters Middle East thread. Has anyone heard are they going nutz to ;) spite us today since we can't be on regular forums to see whats up??

-- Obo (none@givenwiththis.com), April 24, 2001



You would not believe it! The PA want to open their casino in Jericho and Peres wants the Israili's to have unhindered access to it! I can understand that it's a cash cow for Arafat, but what would Peres gain from this? If Sharon really wanted to upset Arafat, he should blow the casino up, secretly of course then claim it must have been a bomb factory. ;-) But, that won't happen.

Peres is due in Egypt tomorrow to give something of a "positive" response to the Egyptian/Jordanian peace initiative, whatever that means.

Other than that, just the ususal gunfire, 3 mortar shells fired, and five hand grenades thrown at Israelis while two Palestinians were shot to death.


-- jer48n10 (jer48n10@netzero.net), April 25, 2001.

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