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we will use six attributes...

all start at "fair" before modification. you may take three free levels of attributes. you may also trade attribute levels on a one for one basis with other attributes.

if you can think of an attribute not listed that is essential to your character concept, go ahead and take it (starting at 'fair' and modifying as you see fit).

you may take up to 30 levels of skills (all default to "poor"). no more than one skill can be "superb" and no more than three skills can be "great".

you may take one Gift.

you must take one Fault (you get no free levels for the one required Fault); you may take more Faults to get more attributes, skills, gifts, or supernormal powers.

you get no Supernormal Powers to start with. (though you can trade for them)

you may take up to five 'quirks'. quirks are personality traits that help define your character. they have no real advantage or disadvantage. each quirk taken gives you one 'fudge point' to start the game with.

you may trade levels from one category with another at the following rates...

that should get you started. you can find an example of a blank FUDGE character sheet in the "Links" section of this site. we will use a wound tracking system like the one noted on that sheet.

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2001

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