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Can anyone offer a suggestion on what kind of rack is necessary to tame this beast. Took a look at the climb the other day and it didn't appear that my measly rack of 2 #4s, 1 #4.5 and 1 #5 camalot would see me through. Thanks.

-- (, April 24, 2001


When I did Chingando we had 1 #3 camalot 2 #3.5 camalots 2 #4 camalots 1 #4.5 camalot 1 #5 friend 1 #6 friend 2 #4 BigBro It was a monster rack and not needed! you can get by just fine with..... 2 #3.5 camalots 2-3 #4 camalots (push one along above you and leave the others for pro 1 #4.5 camalot 1 #5 Camalot and one #4 bigbro would be nice for the Squeeze at the top but if you feel OK running it out 25-30 feet then its not needed. Have fun! you will get a full body pump on this one, very sustained!!

Happy Climbing Ben

-- Ben Baker (, April 24, 2001.

I know you were asking about the rack but, in case you feel like a relaxing pump, you can TR this climb by tunnelling out from behind the iota the top of the climb. Belay from there or do the 5.5 chimney to the spacious iota ledge and belay from there with a 60 meter rope.

Not as exciting as the lead but you can do laps until the skin falls off



-- Karl Baba (, April 25, 2001.

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