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hi everybody

Me and my lots of friends facing this problem that some of VCDs cannot play on our MACS (G4s, G3s, Imacs, etc) and show that this is not a right movie. But on the other hand they work smoothly on other PC (IBM etc). This problem insists me of hating MACs. Anyone know about this plz reply me. I will be grateful for this.

-- Asim Mumtaz (, April 24, 2001


You need to use CD/DVD SpeedTools from

Regards, John P

-- John Phillips (, April 27, 2001.

Funny I had the same problem and it took a dogs age to find my solution (yours might be the same.) I am no computer techie so some of this might not be 'technically correct' but the solution works. It seems to be a problem that develops in the burning process. Mac cannot seem to read VCD burned with the Joliet file format. This is a file format used to name files. It is an option that can be chosen from within NERO (I think it is the default). Basically, if you want to make a cross platform VCD ensure you choose the ISO level 1 setting and the format Mode 1 setting. In Nero this is under the ISO tab, other programs I don't know. Then make sure you do not choose Joliet for your file naming option. This worked for me. Let me know if you need more clarification I can dig up an old web site that helped straighten this out for me. Good luck and curse those damn MAC's

-- Derek (, April 28, 2001.

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