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Hi. I recently bought my first LF camera, a Graphic View. The lens board was less than usable and I need to make a new one (I have access to a metal shop).

I've checked and even bought an old service manual but still - on answers to these questions...

Can anyone enlighten me on the proper specs? I've figured out that it should be 4 inches square and it appears to me that a second peice of metal about 3.5 inches square should be laminated on the back to aid the light trap. Is this correct?

How thick should each piece be?

Should the hole for the lens be cut dead center, high, or low?

Any other subtlties that I'm missing out on?

Thanks Dominique

-- Dominique Labrosse (, April 23, 2001


Dominique: I have made several lensboards for the Graphic View I own. Just make a flat board 4x4. It doesn't need any flanges inside to act as a light trap. Drill the hole dead center. The boards are 1/8th inch thick. Paint the inside of the board flat black. They are easy to make. I also use the model airplane plywood instead of metal for some of my boards.


-- Doug Paramore (, April 24, 2001.

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