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According to the life of Jesus Christ, who was poor rejected erthly rule, th epopes reveal that they are not followers of Jesus. The popes live in luxury, they have had mistresses, evil workers, can you say this isnt true? They teach you the you need the sacraments, how can they when they dont have the life of Jesus in them, they are lovers of the world, look at there earthly treasures stolen by lawlessness. Indulgences are one of many lies she uses to steal your money, did Jesus charge us for eternal life. Please look in Gods word and you will see why The Catholic Church is not needed. Have a blessed day and get saved!

-- Alex saved by Jesus (, April 23, 2001


Can you say the same about some christians? How bout Jesse?

Why dont you try to 'love' and win instead of slam and dunk catholics?

You will NEVER win any with that attitude.

-- nope (not@like.that you wont), April 25, 2001.

-- ([[[[[[[@}}}}]]]]].///.\\\\\\), October 22, 2002.

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