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Hello all,

Ive just recently started making my own VCDs and ive had good luck with compression and picture quality, using ATI all-in-wonder to grab, and TMPGEnc 12beta to encode. However, a problem im trying to solve now is audio related: to sum it up, the audio is about 15db higher than most of my pre-recorded VCDs. Ive tried using TMPGEnc to lower the audio volume, but it introduces pops into the audio stream. I bought videowave 4.0 and its decent, but slows to an absolute crawl about 25% into compressing most of my MPGs. It has the ability to lower volume as well, but when it takes 1 min to process 0.005% of an mpg, its not viable to use :( Ive tried everything i can think of on the recording side to reduce volume (when capturing the initial MPG), but cant seem to affect the volume of audio capture that way.

Im using WinME and have SB live platinum. Ive checked creative site to see if they have a better volume control for SBLive than the standard windows volume control, but no luck for ME.

I guess the only solution left is to de-multiplex using TMPGEnc, and use a seperate audo tool to lower the sound volume in the audio mp2 file, and then multiplex back together.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Scott

-- JTurbo (, April 23, 2001


Dump WindowsME and stick with Win98SE or Win2000. It's clear the ME volume controls do not want to have anything to do with your SBLive. This is quite common with bloatware that is ME. Does Creative certify SBlivePlatinum, by the way, at least the one you have, with ME??

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, April 23, 2001.

Yeah, i was thinking id have to do this (Ditch ME and go with 98SE) ... i think im going to do this tonight. Just wanted to confirm that this was a good approach before doing it.

-- JTurbo (, April 23, 2001.

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