A red stack

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I have a red stack like this

Red Dragon Hydra Lich Zombie

sometimes I put hydra brfore red dragon but the dragon always die a lot........what is worng with my stack ???????

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2001


Nah Melriken, you think too highly of me.

With regards to what you want to block against Kurei and Biggy, you just have to adjust your stacking as you see fit.
I can tell you that many a times when Red is trying to block Black on the defence, a GREEN can just wack and win the Red. I was one of those 'mad' Greens...

How was this done, some of you might wonder right?
Well note that when Red has Red Dragon in the second or third stack, something will be on top most likely Hydras. And Treants with Plant Growth and Bubble Wine can tear away those 9 heads. That's how Reds normally lose to Green. Too many Hydras lost.

So, it just boils down to what color you are trying to block. Anyway, let's not just stop the conversation here...POST SOME MORE STACKINGS!!! I need it for my RED MAGE!!!

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2001

I stack like this







-- Anonymous, April 22, 2001

I stack:

Hydra 2500 Red Dragon 10 Chimeras 2000 lich 500 Vampire 300 lizard men 10,000

(well I will when I get my spells done and start mass randoming)

then later when you are higher, just increase the numbers proportionaly... to keep everything in line and close...

but then that is just me and there are many better than I (many even in this guild)

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2001

oh yeah, and I ment to say a little about this... when you have a smaller number of unit types then each one gets hit more (because if the enemy has left over troops after the first pass they start at the top again and go through) and your fodder get hit every battle VS having more unit types you tend to have your fodder never hit and extreemly hard hits can only nock out so much of your army because each stack is a smaller % of your total power (if you have 4 stacks they should be in the range of 30-30-30-10 or 30-25-25-20 or something simmilar, the reason is that the closer each unit is as a % the easyer it is to change your stack, and the more powerful the lower units are, thus inflickting maximum damage on the fodder and fodder guard, anywho if you have 10 stacks though, they should run from 15~8% each thus each one of them is weaker than each one of the opponents, yet there are more of them...) now the point of all this is that the number of units matters almost as much as the order of units, if you dont have enough units then you have to order them for a double pass by your opponent and the lower stacks are hard to figure out without actually seeing them fight or scrying

now all that said I would say the bigest problem with your stack is that there are too few units... for some reason the best stacks tend to be either 5 or 8 units NEVER between those numbers but they also sometimes have more then 8 units, dont ask me why 6 or 7 units doesnt work, and to be honist it can work, just typicaly the good ones have lots of units or hardly any, now 5 is a defencive stack, so if you want to attack I would suggest you get 8 or so units into your stack, but I would also say that if Lao or one of the other members of this guild says that I am on weeeeed and you shouldn't listen to me that you seriously consider ther advice, because I am by no means a master of stacking, just someone who is willing to make a fool of themselfs if it helps others learn...

oh yeah and one other thing, the stack I posted above, yeah I know it is 6 units, well it is one of the workable stacks that is 6 or 7 units, but honistly I usually throw in two other units (Iron Golems just below the vampires, and one more that depends on who I am fighting, but often salamanders above the golems...)

now go have fun and if you get a chance make Lao tell you how to properly stack.

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2001

Generally i sux at red but as they are my favourite food, i think i can offer some advice... :) DUN ever stack ur red dragons 1st stack...stack it around 3rd or 4th to be safe...cos those liches will kill them and 1 red dragon is worth a lot of power >> lose battle

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2001

The best stack is one that you make on your own but think in these terms Strong-Strong-Fodder-fodder-Strong.....It has always worked great for me. Last reset I got in the top 50 (then I got pummelled by some guild..oh well). I prefer Dragon, Hydra, Zombie, Salamander, Treant PS dragons are great in the top stack you just have to use spider webs and Fog on the defense (it stops those nasty Liches).

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2001

hmz..but if you run out of items??? red's units all suck geld a lot..not to mention tt web is always overpriced :( i think it will be better to stack treants or a black unit as 1st stack to absorb the damage :) but if trees are used, u have to keep plant growth n barriers to guard against other reds :(

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2001

you can also stack red dragon at the tops stack then chimera. for me i never stack chimera at the top coz they die in hordes. they are good for extra firepower. i also use salamanders to burn their fodder unit. dryad for ranged. but in this stack i never get to top 300. the last time. i got about 4800 land but in just 2 days it became about 3800. those nasty bullies!!!!

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2001

hmz...this is a stack i thought of..nv try it out through..

Treants Hydras Red dragons Salamders/Lichs Lichs/Salamders/ Vampires Zombies Nymphs Trologye(red barrack unit..forgot name ;P)

+ barriers + plant growth

if you are afraid of green attacking for hydras on top u can always put flame blade on defense :) and not to mention that the barriers will block the spell + item

for attacking juz lower the treants to about 3rd or 4th stack and then u should noe which color to attack hehe :P

-- Anonymous, April 25, 2001

For Blue stackings, I can help. Lao specialises in Green. Siva has knowledge of all I think..

-- Anonymous, April 25, 2001

i came across 1 stack which i think is extremely gd in defense..

ghouls/ vampires/ red dragons/ lichs/ hydras/ chims/ zombies

don't know how tt guy manage his pop though...:P

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2001

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