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This is mostly directed at Ben Jos.

Should we go into the reasons why on-line mameing isn't very much secure than just using a very secure inp? [1. Network congestion can make honest players cheaters with out knowing or honest players will be unable to submit recordings with inferior connections. 2. No matter what you do to athenticate the timing of sending the inp files you still have the problem of someone recording in a cheating means and then sending that inp (compressed or authenticated or what ever) at the time they pose they are playing the "on-line" game. 3. if they use m35tg3 #2 will probaly happen.] As long as they can get passed 1, on-line gameing does provide a slight advantage over standard inp files, as long as they use something more secure than m35tg3.

Or should we just leave them in the dark? He seems nice enough, now that i know english isn't a first language (Me dumb american always humbles before people who speak more than one langauge fluently), I'm sure he didn't mean to dis marp in anyway, other than not knowing how to say things exactally.

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2001


Well, the "SA-authentication" they use pretty much solves number 2. Basically, they tell you: Start recording your game now, and when you're done, enter "ZYX" as your initials, then upload it.

Yes, I can still think of a few ways to cheat (apart from the "trivial" cheat of having someone else play the game for you), but I think it's a nice idea anyway.

At some point, I considered writing some nasty post, but I decided against it. I think he is just trying to get people to play in his tournament, and, yes, I think the fact that English is not his first language may explain some of the misunderstandings.

I see no reason, though, to start helping him and telling him all the things we see wrong, or all the things he doesn't know because of his inexperience with MAME. After all, we don't know him at all. And I think sharing information about insecurities should always be done very carefully. If information like that gets into the wrong hands, potential cheaters may become real cheaters.

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2001

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