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I have a Nikkor APO 360mm f: 9.0 process lense, but no mounting flange. Who stocks these? Apparently it is a 72 mm one I need. Mr. Grimes doesn't have one at the moment. Thanks.

-- Kevin Crisp (, April 21, 2001


Rodenstock supplies 72mm flanges. They are the same as the ones used on several longer Rodenstock Rodagon lenses and we normally have the flanges in stock for any store to order. For further info (You need to know both diameter and pitch) you can call us on Monday.

-- Bob Salomon (, April 21, 2001.

I can make any threaded flange for any lens on short notice. I add flanges to the stock list after several have been needed or ordered. For the 72mm size there are at least two possible Metric pitches of the same diameter. The best thing, in any case where there is doubt or uncertainty about Metric/English/Pitch/Diameter is to send along the lens barrel or shutter and have me pick the right flange out of stock or fabricate one to fit. It takes less time to make a just right sized flange than to pack and ship and process returns of different wrong sized flanges sent. For an additional $15.00 I will install the flange on your lensboard so that what you get back is complete and ready to use.

See Click here to visit a list of some of the Metric Sized mount flanges in stock.

-- Steve Grimes (, April 23, 2001.

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