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Just as a matter of interest, I happened to have a look at the ebony web site (as I knew they were in the proces of updating). I was surprised to see a new addition....and this time not made from wood! Their latest camera is an all metal roll film camera (very similar to the Silvestri and Alpa models). It is called the "Finesse" and handles all formats from 645 to 6x12. The site has all the details. May be of interest to roll film panoramic fans! Regards Paul

-- paul owen (, April 21, 2001


Oh yes, it also accepts digital backs!! The site also has photos of the non-folding 8x10!!!!

-- paul owen (, April 21, 2001.

Thanks Paul. To make sure nobody is left out:

-- Paul Schilliger (, April 21, 2001.

I first saw the prototype of the Finesse last yar in Japan and had the pleasure of seeing the new design this year......The camera is constructed of Aluminum Alloy and is designed for Roll Film Holders from 645 to 6X12 as well as the potential of digital.....lenses from the new 38XL Schneider to 150mm using focussing mounts.....It has a rise/fall of 25mm and the whole lens assembly rotates through 360' so the movement can be in any direction......the weight of the body c/w 6X9 RFH is approx 750g deliveries are expected to start next month. The new Ebony site is certainly worth a look Robert

-- Robert White (, April 24, 2001.

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