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He knows utility rates have been going up around
the state, but the $11,899 charge for using natural
gas that he received to power appliances in his
single-family home seemed like overkill, the
Riverside County man said.


Check your bills well before paying. Small errors
are harder to detect ::::-

-- spider (, April 21, 2001


You are so very correct Spider. I have been talking to my nieghbors around me about their utility bills and I smell a BIG comuter prob. For instance, one neighbor has a 2 bedroom small house and her electic bill was over $80.00 compared to my large four bedroom and my bill, for the same month, was only a little over $40.00. Another guy living in a larger house than me had a bill of $15.00 for the same month!

-- NdewTymw (, April 21, 2001.

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