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Hey people,

I just starting coding some movies into different formats. I just need to know, how do I burn my movies (which are usually more than 650mb's) onto 2 cd's. When I try to burn Nero5 reports that the current cd does not have enough space, fine, so how do I tell it to burn half on one cd and half on the other? P.S The movie is ONE FILE (1.3gb)

-- Andreas Kollapas (, April 21, 2001


You need to get hold of some software called "MyFlix" this will split your movie so you can fit it on to two cd's. Follow this link for more info split/

-- Carl (, April 21, 2001.

You can also use VCD cutter or TmpegEnc to split your large file try -

-- lee (, April 22, 2001.


You might also try Videowave 3 or 4. Excellent software.

-- Zak (, May 15, 2001.

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