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basically had a joint mortgage with my now very ex partner heard nothing then 2000 got a letter asking for i & e to be completed totally ignored this letter then heard nothing until 2001 when got exact same letter again, totally ignored this one as well as to be truthful was very scared & thought that if i didn't reply they wouldn't know for sure that i was where they seem to think i am. heard nothing again & have now recevied another letter requesting i fill in i & e else the next correspondence i get will be a county court order, can they do this as on reading your site today, & correct me if i am wrong but i understood that it is very unlikely they will take you to court just like that without first having to supply info to me?. i have spoken with my ex who states that they don't bother contacting him anymore as he gave them all my details ie where i work etc to get himself out of the frame why is it that even though he works two/three jobs they are no longer pursuing him, the last lot of paperwork i received has had his name taken off, previous correspondence had got both names on surely this is not fair? i now have children of my own (not his) & even though i have read your site i am totally bemused as to what my first move is or should i just keep ignoring them, as i'm not sure how confident they are that i live here as nothing is sent recorded delivery! please help me i am already on medication.

-- samantha jarret (, April 21, 2001


Do not worry ! Follow the who helps section and go from there. I was like you worried to death but there are ways to sort it out. Everything that you are advised to do by this website is 100% excellent.

-- Steve m (, April 21, 2001.

I found it helpful to print off portions of this site and read them in my own time, marking up points of particular interest.

'Repossession', especially 'Dos and Don'ts', is excellent. Read it through a few times, and you will begin to see the light! (IMHO.)

-- Eleanor Scott (, May 19, 2001.

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