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  1. Any unusual techniques or spectacular opportunites that you learn of as a result of this team, you are to share with no one... ever... without permission from management.

  2. No team member or investor shall disclose his team affiliation with any party except close family without permission. You may disclose the fact that your are involved with a team... but no names or intimate team details.

  3. Comps (& cash back awards & other freebies) earned belong to the player, but some consideration of its source is appropriate.
    • example: you get reimbursed from expense credits for an air flight (explained in the Expense handling section of these guidelines), but on this flight earn a free future flight as a result of a 'bump'. Well, that future flight (that you earned on a team subsidized flight) should be used for another team venture... not to go visit relatives in far-off lands or take a vaction to Hawaii.
    • example: if several team members are present on a team trip to vegas, it would be appropriate for them to share their room & meal comps to help defray overall expenses and help out those who may have come up short in that department.

  4. No player will lose more than 100 max units (x deck) before consulting with the rest of the team and finding out where the BR stands to redefine max allowable unit.

  5. Players should not owe the bank any money. If a player needs to borrow from the bank for some miscellaneous expense, it should be repaid to the bank within 24 hours of returning home from a gambling trip. In any case, keep an accurate record of what you owe the bank; keep this note with your portion of the bankroll.

  6. Management will report regularly to investors on the current state of the BR and specfics of each gaming session.

  7. Any player or investor may call for a polygraph test ona any player, at any time. This is not a team expense, it is an out-of-pocket expense to the person who calls for the test. The results must be shared with management. Failure to satisfy the test means expulsion from the team. The test usually should consist of two basic questions...
    1. "Have you reported your results honestly?"
    2. "Have you followed the guidelines set forth by team management?"

  8. If we actually do ever take on any other players, management may sometimes have spies check up on their gambling activities.

    -- Anonymous, April 20, 2001

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