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There was a wonderful article written about Bishop John Bryant of the fifth district in the Los Angeles Times on April 14, 2001. and his vision of multiculture ministry. The article also talks about his life and time in Africa. He is indeed an inspiring witness for Christ. To find the article go to the fifth district web site. Located under AME Links, once there go to Episcopal web pages. Bishop Bryant talks about a church that is inclusive of all people. I am expecially excited for my congregation is a multi-ethnic church. And starting an AME mission on the Indian reservations in Montana is a dream of mine. Please read the article and share your views. Also how do we reach out latino sister and brothers?

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2001


Sister Denise, I agree that the article is inspiring. Johnson Chapel AMEC in Santa Ana California has a growing Hispanic Ministry of over 100 persons we have a congregation of over 400. Reverend Javier Saurez, a local deacon in the AME Church is our Ministry Coordinator. In 1997 we completed a doctoral writing entitled "How to develop Hispanic Ministry in the African AMerican Church." I am excited about what God is doing. Will be glad to share our experiene with those who want to know.

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2001

I was surprised that the for sure ACTIVE hispanic ministry at Johnson Chapel was not mentioned in the article. Dr. Tyler made his church become a relevant factor in a changing community. I was fortunate to visit his church in October,2000 and was impressed with the relational aspect, the childrens church and also the operation of the ministry. Hats off to Johnson Chapel AME church in Santa Ana,Ca.

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2001

I am excited to hear about Johnson Chapel! One of the founders of my church is Mexican and we have our church services at her Mexican restraunt, which is closed on Sunday. God Bless her for honoring the sabbath for we have a place to hold church. The Hispanic population is the fastest growing ethnic group in America. I do believe the AME church has a lot to offer all people but some of the struggles that our Hispanic brothers and sisters are dealing with, we have fought those battles and know that with Christ we can be successful. One of the things that one of my staff members who is Mexican shared with me was that she wished the Hispanic community could model the Black community in terms of economic development programs. I am so proud of Bishop John Bryant and ask that we all keep him and Dr. C in prayer. God is doing great things through these powerful servants of christ. I would love to hear from other areas that have a hispanic population in their town. ie. Texas etc.

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2001

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