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Hi, everyone! As you know I am new to the AME denomination. And I thank God I found my way to the promise land;-) Sometimes you have to be in other denominations before you can appreciate the AME. I am in the fifth district. But I noticed the districts have slogans, in the fifth district it is the "fantastically faithful fifth district" How did this tradition get started and what is the slogan for your district. I really have a wonderful sense of pride being in the fifth, though I am learning everyone wants my Bishop. Bishop John Bryant. So, brag about your district and your slogan and tell us what that slogan means to you? I am hoping we will hear from our resident historian Jerryl Payne;-)

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2001


Rev. Rogers:

i am from Florida and we are the "Electrifying" Eleventh. Mainly because we pay the price to be one of the top leading Districts in the Connection. We always are on top in every aspect. We have numerous officers in all capacities of the church and it is plainly "electrifying." I'm not sure but I think that started with the Y.P.D. at their Quadrennail meeting against each other. That was my first time hearing it. I'm sure some one will come with a correct answer soon.

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2001

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