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A) This team shall consist initially of one player (also the manager). Other players may join (maximum: total of four players, including manager), with management approval. Only team players shall have contact with team cash. Players shall only play games for which management approves. (i don't anticipate taking on any other players for quite some time)

B) Players...

  1. Manager. That would be me. I would also be considered an active Team Player.
  2. Team Player. A Team Player has all the necessary skills to play a winning game of blackjack and/or poker.
  3. Spotter. A Spotter is a card counter who will back-count tables and signal in a Big-Player (BP). The team may employ third-party Spotters from time to time who will NOT have contact with team cash. They will simply signal a team player into the game when the count idicates it.
  4. Big Player (BP). A BP may or may not have all the skills of a card counter. He will at least know basic strategy. He will be a team member (has contact with team cash). A BP will simply sit down and play games (with team cash) that a Spotter has identified as a good game.

C) Current Team.

  1. Just me. I will be playing BJ, Spanish21, and Poker (and occasionally other games where i can identify an advantage).

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2001

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