looking for the photographer i met in B&H

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hi, i am looking for the photographer i met in B&H on April 18th. we talked about TOYO MII and backpack for it.

thanks Jeff

-- Jeff Liao (jliao66@aol.com), April 19, 2001


Hi Jeff, I've never met you at B&H but for packing the TOYO I use a backpacking internal-frame pack. It's very comfortable even with heavy loads. My camera and film holders are at the bottom, the lenses and filters on top. The camera is wrapped in a beach towel, the film holders (usually 4) are in a tupperware container. The lenses (only 2) are in a padded bag and filters with the meter are in another tupperware container. The tupperware containers help keep everything together.

For hiking I use a REGULAR sized manfrotto tripod with a ball head! It's not designed for 810 and I have to be careful, but it's light and has never failed me yet. I do have a proper zone 6 tripod but it's too heavy to carry on hikes.

The only problem with the internal frame pack is that it is top loading so you have to pull everything out from the top and you have to stay organized.

Checkout the Lowepro's supertrekker pack, it's essentially what I described above except with padding...and more expensive.

I hope this helps. Dave.

-- Dave Anton (daveanton@home.com), April 19, 2001.

Hi Jeff: You found me! Nice chatting with you at B&H. I use the Pro Trekker AW. It's a tight fit at the bottom with the 810M because of the knobs on the back standard, but the case is well padded as are the dividers. I especially like this pack because it is easy to reconfigue the dividers for my Sinar F2 or my Hasselblad equipment and its comfortable to wear. It is not a lightweight combo! Although it is large, thus far I have been able to take the bag on planes as carry on. If you need further info, send me an email. Alex

-- Alex Weiner (weiner@attglobal.net), April 20, 2001.

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