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This is how I start the conversation when I am stopped by the police. First, let me say this, "I have never been stopped except when I was breaking the law, mostly speeding. I try to get control of the situation by being courteous. This is my approach: With a smile, "Good morning/afternoon officer, how are you doing today?" And then wait for the answer. He/she'll be abit off balance but your body language will show that you really want to know how the day is going for them. "Can I help you? Is there a problem?" Now if he wants to search your car, politely decline. Something like, "I'm really sorry but I can't give you permission tosearch my car because that would jeopardize my rights." If he wants to arrest you submit, getting as much information (for your lawyer) as possible. If you are breaking the law, take the ticket in good spirits, thanking him for it. I've had them apologoze for giving me the ticket and practically telling me that if I challenge it in court, they won't show up. You should remember that you are far smarter then they, otherwise, they would be in some other profession, therefore you must take control of the situation. Most of the time, I get off with a warning something like, "Reverend, you really must slow down." The next time I see him I always wave. Some have become my coffee buddies. How do you handle the situation?

Blessing, Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2001


I have not been stopped in a long time because I drive like a little old lady. This gets me teased but after having many accidents when I was young it is now the way I drive.

A few years ago tho I did get stopped all the time because my car had an electrical problem that caused my signals and lights to burn out. Since I was in violation what could I say. There is no use arguing with a cop. I say as little as possible and promise to get it fixed. I only got 1 ticket and since it was broken for all to see I took it without a word. It is the quickest way to get on my way. Of all the stops he will make that day I try to be the most boring.

I have been thru lots of checkpoints and I try to look like a normal family man. I never have the smell of alcohol on me and have my documents in order. By keeping quiet not looking suspicious and having everything in order it goes fast.

In Christ, Nathan Paujo

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2001

"You should remember that you are far smarter then they; Otherwise they would be in some other proffession"

What is THAT all about Pastor Paris??

Even as I currently attempt to effect change in police practices in the city in which I live and pastor (An officer shot and killed an unarmed man with his hands raised) I do not feel it appropiate nor Christ Like to disparage the men and women who are in the profession of law enforcement....many of whom are Christians and members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

I think you owe them an apology Pastor.......

In the Joy of Jesus,

Pastor Mike

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2001

Some people choose the law enforcement career. They grow up thinking they want to be a policeman with the idea they can not only make a difference, but love the idea of protecting the citizens.

We have a talk radio program here in Indy, called "The Bottom Line". One thing he stresses. DO NO CRIME. Ride with your seatbelts ON, be legal from head to toe. Do not give the policemen any reason to stop you. Because sometimes, it is not so pretty to get stopped by a policeman. He also mentioned, as Pastor Paris menioned that if they asked to search your car, you can refuse, because your rights will be violated.

He does this because so many are uneducated about their rights. Unfortunately policeman know they cannot do that, but will take advantage of ignorance. You can'T educate people overnight. Just like you cannot stop harrassment and injustice overnight. Because one is ignorant does not justify being treated with injustice.

Pastor Paris, it sounds like your one encounter with the police ended very friendly. Doesn't sound like you've had any negative encounters with the law and that's a blessing. I pray that you can continue to keep that record, and if you are ever faced in a position where you are harrassed your lawyer will be available for you to give him information. After you've survived the booking process.

Not everybody's nose is so clean. They are paranoid, don't know their rights and are perfect prey for some hungry policeman. Not all policemen are corrupt,but corruption is there.

Your advice about being stopped is not all bad. But much of it is unecessary. I'd hate to think that if one didn't go the extra mile in being so friendly and cordial, that they might run the risk of being maltreated. But then again, perhaps that's the way to go. Sort of makes the suspect, not look so suspect. Hmmmm.

In Christ, Carmen

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2001

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