A simworld of your very own

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So, I'm reading Tad Williams's Otherland, a multi-volume book about a vast, complex virtual-reality network that contains self-contained simulated universes real enough to pass as reality.

And now I'm wondering: If I had the chance to create a VR simworld for my very own, what would it be? The book's Otherland has historical recreations, alternate-history speculations, and worlds based both on themes both literary and original. I've especially enjoyed the bug world, the wind world, and (of course!) the Trojan War world.

I think that last one would be high on my own list, along with pre-Christian Ireland (or maybe an Ireland where Christianity never took hold) and ... hmm. How about the Galactic Milieu? Wouldn't that blow your mind? (Literally, possibly. :)

What about you? What world or worlds would you simulate?

-- Beth (illusio2@earthlink.net), April 19, 2001

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