burning film, cartoons to 24 fps VCD Film format

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I found out awile ago about telecine and its effects on video. I was capturing some cartoons (most are done at 24fps and some shows like startrek) And performed an inverse telecine on the avi. which brought the frame rate to 23.796. I've read this is much easier on most mpeg encoders as its dealing with solid frames and less frames so it can dedicate more bits per frame.

I prefer the quality of this but can I burn this at 23.976 and still conform to the spec? I attempted to encode at 29.97 with the avi and it seems to repeat a frame to bring it up to speed. So I read that this is the usual tradeoff of inverse telecining video, what you gain in clarity you lose in smoothness of video.

But, in the TMPGEnc encoder it has supposedly compliant templates for VCD, SVCD and there is one for Film VCD which encodes at 23.976. Does this really conform to the VCD 2.0 spec? How many DVDs support it? I counldn't find links anywhere so if anyone can show me where there is some info on this it would be much appreciated, cause I'm planning on encoding alot of things this way and haven't bought my DVD player yet and would hate to make a bunch of non compliant vcds. And thats my main thing, I want it too be compliant not just my DVD player gets away with it, but I can't bring it too a buddies or something.

-- tom hanks (mcquaid@chalktv.com), April 19, 2001


23.976 and 29.976 fps are NTSC VCD compliant, i just dont know if thats VCD 1.0 or 2.0

-- nospam (nospam@nospam.net), June 02, 2001.

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