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I would like to know if there is a variety of tomato that has a high incidence of fruit that have 5 ribs inside, preferably having a shape displaying 5. When I look for fruit I inspect it to display 5 bumps around the stem, and 5 or six lines at the botton.

I learned from an N.D. doctor that food with this pattern releases much more energy than those without the pattern of 5 and 10.

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2001


Hi Lenny,

I had not heard that and do not have an answer for you. We will be raising a lot of tomato vareities this year and I will pay attention to see if any have a tendancy towards the trait that you are seeking.

Is there more information about this? I am interested. You can respond here or email me direct. Thanks.


-- Anonymous, April 19, 2001

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