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Have them build four things to race around a track. Object is each item has to carry the other items yet to be raced. Say they build a truck one contestant drives, which has a scooter on it that the second contestant drives, which holds two bicycles, one the third contestant pedals around the track and it holds the last bike the final contestant pedals around the track. Find as big a track as possible, say a mile lap. They could find a flat bed truck, that they maybe able to put a small car on, and, well you get the picture. Each contestant has to take a lap in a different machine, if they want to rig four bikes that is fine, just each lap has to carry the vehicles for the remaining laps.

-- Richard James Retey (, April 18, 2001


From somewhere high above us, Ted Giesel is looking down and smiling. Tell me, Richard, does the last fellow hand Cathy Rogers a strawberry?

-- Chip Haynes (, April 25, 2001.

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